Ayurvedic Bodywork: FAQs

What do I wear to my Ayurvedic Body Therapy appointment?

•   All massage and bodywork treatments offered are performed with nourishing oil direct to skin. Wear what you feel comfortable in and do not mind getting slightly to very oily. 

What should I bring to my Ayurvedic Body Therapy appointment?

•   Please bring a hat, towel or hair-tie (summer only) to wear home after your treatment to stay warm - your hair will be saturated with nurturing oil. Expect to have a shower sometime before bed the same day - It is important to wash the oil out of the hair before sleep to encourage the natural restoration process during the night. 

How will I feel after my Ayurvedic Body Therapy treatment?

•   The intention of the treatment is to have the client turn inward, expect to feel like you are in a meditative state - Please plan to have a quiet day following your treatment. Some like to observe silence (mauna in sanskrit) to enhance the benefits of the treatment for the remainder of the day or as long as possible - journaling, reading and meditation are a great way to continue the day. This is your opportunity to feel your true nature. Every one's experience is different, allow whatever comes up to flow through you without processing with deep cognitive thought.