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Gift Certificate Sale | BUY $100 / GET $25 |

Our highly anticipated Annual Gift Certificate Sale is on Friday, December 15th; Saturday, December 16th; and Sunday, December 17th this year! On those dates ONLY, when you spend $100 on a Gift Card, you will receive $25 for yourself!  Gift cards can be purchased in store (both locations) or online. Please note that due to the volume of gifts we process during this sale, if you make a purchase online, you will be emailed the Extra $25 on or before Wednesday, December 20th.  

Gift Cards & Certificates//

All of our gift cards and certificates are redeemable at either location, so there's no need to worry which SPOT your favorite spa-goer prefers.

If you select a Gift Card, you will receive this beautiful greeting card which is personalized in our prettiest penmanship! 

If you select a Gift Certificate, you will receive an email-able, printable certificate. Choose from a variety of image headers for the perfect present!