Meow Meow Tweet/ Cinnamon Coffee Bar Soap

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Screenshot 2014-11-30 12.04.11.png

Meow Meow Tweet/ Cinnamon Coffee Bar Soap


Modeled after our favorite morning brew, the Mexican coffee, this soap is chock full of moisturizing cocoa butter, fair trade coffee grounds, and cinnamon. A great hand soap for bike mechanics, painters, and chefs- this bar neutralizes smells and gets rid of grease. Not only a hand soap, it can be used as an all-over exfoliator to promote circulation and soft skin. Wake up and get scrubbing!

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*olive oil 
*coconut oil 
*sunflower oil 
*castor oil 
*cocoa butter 
+sodium hydroxide 
*fair trade coffee
essential oils of coffee, peru balsam & cinnamon

*certified organic, 
+none remains after saponifying oils