Laurel's Skin Care + Facial Tips


How to Pick the Best Facial for Your Skin Type

At Spot, we always keep our effective and renewing treatments front and center. And to transition skin for wintery months, a facial reboot couldn’t be more seasonally appropriate. Wondering how to find the best option for your skin type? Here, Spot Uptown's esthetician Laurel Vasileiadis shares her expert tips on finding your perfect Arcona treatment.

Remember: Each facial is tailored to perfectly fit your skin’s needs!

Oily Skin: Arcona Cranberry Cleanse

This facial is wonderfully cleansing and purifying for oily skin and/or clogged skin in need of extractions. The exfoliating-duo dissolves impurities, decongests and refines pores, while simultaneously restoring moisture and balancing oil production.   

Dry Skin: Arcona Deep Hydrating Facial

I personally developed this facial; it’s my signature treatment and it really works! It gives skin an instant boost of soothing hydration and replenishes the skin’s ability to retain moisture for a more dewy, glowy complexion.

Mature skin and sensitive/damaged: Arcona Enzyme Peel

This customized enzyme exfoliation is designed to help skin regenerate at a deep cellular level, increasing collagen and elastin production. It repairs skin damage, smoothes fine lines and improves tone and texture for brighter complexion with a more youthful, dewy appearance.

Acne-prone Skin: Arcona Enzyme Peel

A customized, gentle exfoliating enzyme blend calms inflammation and reduces redness to balance compromised, irritated skin. It also boosts oxygen to minimize bacteria and improve cell renewal. It’s a perfect combo of healing, repairing and protection.