Clare Gardner Nieto

Professional since 2016

Herbs and Flower Essences are meant to help your system regain its natural ability to support your health. Using a mix of Western Herbalism and Flower Essence Therapy, Clare approaches healing from a full mind-body perspective, focusing both on promoting physical health and addressing the root cause of imbalance. She meticulously matches her clients with a customized set of herbal supplements to support their journey to restoration. Clare’s ultimate goal is for her clients to have regained such a level of balance that clients no longer need supplements for support.

Clare is an Herbalist and Flower Essence Specialist. She studied Herbalism with Lise Wolff and Matthew Wood, and she studied Flower Essence Therapy with Martin Bulgerin in Minneapolis and the Flower Essence Society in California. Clare has experience working with a wide variety of conditions (such as: anxiety, panic attacks, trauma/PTSD, depression, nerve + muscular pain, headaches/migraines, allergies, PMS, fertility, menopause, digestive issues, insomnia, low energy/fatigue, asthma.

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