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Gift Cards + Certificates

All Spot Spa gift cards and certificates are redeemable at either location, so there's no need to worry which SPOT your favorite spa-goer prefers! Please add any dollar value in the amount* field so your recipient can come in for anything they want! (*as service providers with varying trainings and niches, we all may charge a slightly different rate, so we encourage only dollar amounts to be given on Gifts).

If you select a Gift Card, you will receive a beautiful greeting card (pictured above, but minus the greens!) which is personalized by our Spa Coordinators’ penmanship. You have the option to have these Gift Cards mailed via USPS, or picked up in our Northeast location during Reception Hours. If you are choosing to have your Gift mailed, please enter the mailing address, first + last name of where and to whom you wish your card to be mailed to ensure proper delivery. Spot Spas does not expedite shipping for any Gift Card purchases. As these cards go through the USPS with only a stamp, we are not able to track them; please contact us at if you have any questions.

If you select a Gift Certificate, you will receive an instant email-able OR printable certificate. Choose from a variety of images for a wonderful present!