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Victoria Blackbird

Kawsay Energy Readings

Victoria Blackbird has completed the 300hr Shamanic Energy Medicine Program at the Light Body School though The Four Winds Society.  She shares an energetic lineage with the Q'ero, Inca Shamans of Peru, a carrier of the Munay-Ki stewardship rites and The Rite of the Womb. Victoria blends her traditional training and intuitive energetic gifts with plant medicine and modern day tools.

K’anchay healing uses the highest frequency of light to access the timeless realms of spirit, allowing the person in need of healing to step out of time and experience a sense of infinity. The luminous energy field is where the alchemy is done. 

Victoria invites you to book an appointment with her if you seek to release limiting beliefs, the past stories, the emotional wounds and trauma to step into a meaningful life infused with wisdom and purpose. She will guide you through healing practices to immerse yourself in the flow of the universe with unwavering certainty and with the integrity to move through your journey with sweetness and grace. A Kawsay Reading can aide in decluttering your mind, bringing your physical and energy body back in to ANYI (right relationship) with the Earth and with your pure source and higher power. Your time is sacred and with raised awareness and consciousness, you can recognize your ability to chose you own destiny and experience transcendence.

Book a Kawsay Reading:

A one-on-one healing experience beginning with an intuitive energy field reading followed by energy balancing, crystal healing, and light language to cleanse, bless and protect. A stone or crystal may be recommended for you at the appointment along with spiritual homework. People seeking clarity, or who are feeling stuck, are drawn to this offering.

Available days to book with Victoria:

Thursdays in Uptown