The Scoop on Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring is a great alternative to waxing. Spot loves to offer services that work for you - there is truly something for everyone. We've received input that clients would love to learn more about sugaring as a hair removal system so Laurel, our in-house expert, pulled some helpful bits together just in time for warmer weather. 

Sugaring Highlights:
+100% natural - Laurel at Spot Spas Uptown uses Organic/Fair Trade sugaring paste. Treatment prep products are vegan, paraben-free and talc-free

+Skin feels soft after 

+Some clients experience less pain and redness 

+Can lead to diminished hair growth

+Gentle for delicate areas

+Diminishes ingrown hairs

+Water soluble/no sticky residue

+Safe for those with varicose veins

+Sugar is warmed to body temperature and does not burn

+Adheres only to dead skin cells 

How does body sugaring work?
 The warmed sugar paste is molded onto the body using a gloved hand. With the molding process the sugar paste is able to melt into the hair follicle allowing an easier gentle extraction from the root. With a flicking motion the hair is gently lifted out of the follicle by the root. Sugar past is applied/molded against the hair growth and removed in the natural direction hair growth preventing breakage and lessening sensitivity.

Is it going to hurt? Sugaring removes the hair by the root, so you will feel the extractions. Some people feel a tingling sensation. With repeated treatments, this sensation minimizes as the hair becomes more refined and the hair bulb smaller. 

How long does it last? Rate of hair growth depends on the individual person. Expect to be ready for another sugaring within three to six weeks. For a quicker diminishment of hair growth, receive a follow-up treatment while hair re-growth is around 1/8th inch. 

What should I do before my appointment? Avoid sun-tanning prior to or day of treatment. Avoid stimulants such as caffeine. Keeping your skin exfoliated and hydrated is very important; however, do not exfoliate the day before or the day of a treatment. Dry brushing as part of you home self-care ritual is a great way to help the process. 

What should I do after my appointment? You may feel a little sensitive. Avoid any creams, lotions, or deodorants with artificial fragrances. Avoid any products with hydroxyl acids for at least 24 to 48 hrs, this could cause more sensitivity.

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Please note this service is offered exclusively out of the Spot Spas Uptown location