Craniosacral Therapy is an effect tool to relieve pain anywhere in the body, from tooth to toe.

When we release injury or trauma from our body's soft tissues, we regain proper blood, oxygen and nerve function, eliminating pain and allowing more range of motion.  This light touch modality works with the soft tissues and cerebral spinal fluid rhythm to discover and balance the root cause of the pain or trauma.  We incorporate movement and gravity in the session to allow restrictions within the body to unwind freely, so you may remain clothed during the session. Those who have been in accidents, sports injury, falls or surgeries, as well as those who suffer from chronic illness and inflammation, headaches, insomnia, jaw or mouth pain, neck, shoulder, back or hip pain, and nerve pain or muscle spasms/weakness, to name a few,  and see symptoms greatly reduced if not eliminated.   CST is an effective tool for any type of physical pain or discomfort, to regain balance and a life free of restriction. 

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Craniosacral Therapy for Pregnancy

Craniosacral therapy will allow your body to be wholly in balance preconception, during pregnancy and labor, and post partum.  When conceiving or pregnant, it is vital to have a balanced womb for baby to grow.  Also I want you to feel amazing during your pregnancy and for you to have as much hormonal balance as possible.  We also want a balanced system of muscles and ligaments, to be supporting and functioning to the best of your body's ability while growing your baby.  You will gain tools you can bring with you into your labor and delivery.  Tools that will help ease transitions and ensure your body is in optimal positioning for baby and you to work together to have a beautiful birth.  Postpartum is a beautiful, and often needed, time for you and baby to have craniosacral therapy. Mother and baby have just gone through an amazing experience of birth and it can often leave the body and hormones needing re-balancing.  ( If there are some emotional components or post partum depression, you'd like to address for you, partner, family or baby, I suggest Dynamic Body Balancing for optimal balancing.)

Craniosacral Therapy for Baby

Birth is the hardest thing your baby, and probably you, have ever done.  To have baby receive craniosacral therapy will check for balance throughout the baby's body, cranials and mouth.  We want to give the baby a chance to unwind from being in such tight quarters during the third trimester, also if there is any balancing needed for any respiratory restricts effecting the baby's breathing, if hes holding tension in his hips and pelvis, tight shoulders or neck, tortacolis, colic or cranial molding issues.  CST will also check the mouth and make sure they can have a proper latch, whether you are breast or bottle feeding, a proper latch will prevent babe from swallowing so much air and have gas pain.  CST is a great way to start this life balanced!

Craniosacral for Child/Teen

As we grow, we have lots of bumps and bruises, growth spurts, not to mention hormonal changes.  CST will allow for healthy growth, with out "growing pains".  If they have braces or mouth pain,  braces are often a cosmetic solution, adding CST will help discover and correct the issue that caused them to need braces, and actually help the braces be more effective, and corrections to last and not revert when the braces are removed. Some other issues CST can also help with is sports injury or torsion, recovery and prevent broken or sprain injuries, headaches, cramps, insomnia, speech issues, bed wetting, to name a few. This modality is a light touch therapy that incorporates movement for maximum release.  Your child will remain fully clothed through out the work, allowing them to remain comfortable to receive healing. Craniosacral helps to insure your child's body is in balance so they can grow with ease.

(If you have a child that seeks relief from symptoms of hyper activity or kids on the spectrum, have anxiety, tics, depression, or tired of symptoms from food sensitivity, a Dynamic Body Balancing session is recommended.)