Facial Cupping

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Our new Facial Cupping Treatment at Spot Spa is a relaxing experience that improves facial circulation for glowing firmer skin and decreased puffiness. Facial cupping may also help relieve jaw tension, sinus congestion, tension headaches, and assist lymphatic drainage.

Because the specialized facial cups are always in motion and have a lighter suction, cupping marks are not common. If you have very thin or very sensitive skin, you may experience a temporary redness that will fade within a few days. If you have any concerns or questions about this, please contact us!  It is only when cups are very tight and stationary that cupping marks form. Facial cupping is not painful and is actually a very relaxing experience.

We’ve been continually impressed by the results of facial cupping. Immediately after the treatment, people tend to look younger with a dewy glow and firmer skin. The effects of facial cupping are cumulative. For lasting results, we recommend facial cupping 2 times a week for 4 weeks. Maintaining improved facial circulation for one full skin cycle (28 days) will help your skin and muscles to sustain the improvements.

Benefits of Facial Cupping

Improved complexion – Cupping draws nutrient rich blood to the area, improving microcirculation. Many who receive facial cupping notice youthful glowing skin, reduced puffiness, and balanced skin moisture.

Relaxed and stimulated muscles - Cupping lifts tight muscles, sustains a gentle stretch, and can break up connective tissue adhesions. It may help with tension headaches, jaw tension, and softening scar tissue.

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Increased detoxification and drainage – Cupping helps drain and invigorate congested tissues. Fluids and toxins can build up, leading to puffiness and a dull or inflamed complexion. Cupping draws fluid towards the surface, and pulls up on compressed tissues, creating space for improved lymphatic flow. The cups are moved along lymphatic pathways, assisting with drainage.

Potential Skin Benefits

  • Brighter complexion

  • Reduced puffiness

  • Increased firmness

  • Reduction of fine lines and softening of deep wrinkles

  • Improved moisture and oil balance

  • Firmer jawline and neck

  • Increased skin care product or topical medicine absorption

Preparing for Your Facial Cupping Appointment

It’s important to begin with clean skin. If possible, please arrive to your appointment with clean skin.  We have skin cleanser available for you to use before your appointment. Eye make-up is ok to leave on.

First, we apply topical herbal medicine to nourish and balance the skin. Then we apply facial oil to allow the cups to glide over the skin. The facial cups are then moved over the face along lymphatic drainage pathways.

This treatment is very relaxing and is not painful. Facial cups have a lighter suction and are always in motion, greatly reducing the chance of cupping marks. If you have very thin or very sensitive skin, you may experience a temporary redness that will fade within a few days. If you have any concerns or questions about this, please contact us! After cupping, we do facial and scalp acupressure and use the jade roller to cool and calm the skin.

Scheduling an Appointment

Facial Cupping is provided by Lisa Smyth and Rhea Dykoski, Licensed Acupuncturists. If you have never seen Lisa or Rhea before, please sign up for Facial Cupping – Initial Intake. Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out intake paperwork.

Recommended course of treatments:  2 times a week for 4 weeks.


Cupping is not recommended for those with bleeding disorders, severe skin conditions, or the elderly. For those with mild to moderate acne, facial cupping may be helpful and we can avoid areas with broken skin.