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Kristy Larson

Professional since 2007

  • Spot Massage

Kristy thrives on creating a therapeutic space for clients to let go of stress and reconnect with themselves. Kristy specializes in releasing the upper back & neck, headaches, trigger points, relaxation & emotional grounding. 

Kristy's training has allowed her to view the body from several different schools of thought. She believes all symptoms have many roots and she strives to approach her treatments from an Eastern, Western, energetic and emotional perspective. Kristy has been thoughtfully and specifically trained how to affect deep structures of the body without deep pressure, inflicting pain or further damaging tissue, and she enjoys opportunities to educate clients in this approach, while sharing amazing results with them.

Available days to book with Kristy:

Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays in Uptown

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