I hope you share a little of my emotion when I say Thanksgiving as a sentimental holiday is profound. A few times in the last few days/weeks I've been a little teary eyed when I think of how grateful Spot is for the community we share.  Spot Spa Northeast has re-birthed itself in the last two months with a new and vastly improved location and space. There is no way  these things can get done with out willing hearts, bodies and minds. People came out to help, friends offered their creative visions (which are so precious), and many cheered us on. I have stopped in the new space many times to think about how to let people know that without our clients, friends and community, we are only an empty space.  I could go on and on and on.....

As Spot Spa Northeast embarks upon a new level of service, we thank all of you who have supported our subterranean efforts for 13 years!! We have moved above ground now, 300 feet away; we have 4 rooms and 3 new skin care lines and reception hours 7 days a week (in both locations). Come visit us and make our 14th year full of surprises!