RMS Beauty Coconut Cream VS Market Coconut Oil

We love coconut oil!

Our bodies love coconut oil. With so many products on the market that contain this delicious and versatile substance, here is a little info to help navigate. RMS Beauty, a raw coconut oil based make-up line, just arrived at Spot Spa. We love it!

Why cold centrifuge processing is better for your skin:

RMS Beauty uses centrifuge extraction to derive the oil from the coconut which means it is processed under 78 degrees & remains a raw coconut. The very low amount of heat that will maintain its beneficial properties - like good bacteria, live enzymes and lauric acid,  and will prolong the shelf-life of the product. In contrast to cold processing, which is heated to over 98 degrees during the water spun process (the addition of water in a product can promote bacteria growth). Although both systems are effective in creating a good oil, maintaining the raw state helps to further the use of the product not only on the shelf but also in our bodies. The more nutrients that remain in tact, the more nutrients our bodies can benefit from.