Introducing Spot Light: Get to Know Spot's Practitioners

Welcome to Spot's new blog series, Spot Light, a place where you get a peek into what it's like behind the scenes at Spot Spas. We want you to get to know our team a little bit better, so when you're looking to try something new at Spot, you'll know who to see. We'll be highlighting interviews with all our practitioners over the next few months, and we hope you'll join us for the ride!

Today, we're starting with an interview with Spot Spas founder Nell Rueckl. Nell started Spot Spas 15 years ago, and has grown the business from one spa to two, with locations in Northeast Minneapolis and Uptown. Always on the cutting edge of holistic trends, and a pioneer for the Twin Cities wellness community, she has received numerous accolades including from Allure, City Pages, Minnesota Monthly, and Mpls.St. Paul Mag. Nell is passionate about creating a healing space for Spot's clients, and about getting each client connected to the practitioner they need in order to flourish. Read on for more about how Nell hires her team and why healing through intention is the goal when you make a date with a Spot practitioner.

Nell Rueckl, Spot Spas founder, at the Uptown location.

Nell Rueckl, Spot Spas founder, at the Uptown location.

What do you look for when you hire a practitioner to come on board at Spot Spas?

Truly authenticity is the key at Spot Spa because our clientele expects this. We want our practitioners to embody the idea of openness and authenticity, and to us, that means authenticity that's true to their practice. Listening to our clients is a key element, as well as the capability to help assist in the wellness/healing process.

We look for practitioners who have grit—they have opinions and are open to sharing their knowledge.  My heart sings when I see that a practitioner has followed up with a client, sharing latest research that may help in their journey.

Technical abilities are important to us, as is expertise in their field, but we look for practitioners who have the capability to say "I treat clients with respect and honesty, and I strive to become better all the time." This type of mindset leads to the freedom to change and ultimately grow as they learn.

Why is healing through bodywork and spa treatments so important to you and to Spot's practitioners?

Healing happens whenever someone is truly witnessed—that would mean that the practitioner has really listened to the client. The alternative leads to unsatisfied clientele and practitioners. We want both our clients and our practitioners to feel seen and heard, and to know that Spot is a place where that happens every time you walk in the door.

Why are you passionate about clients getting to know Spot's team?

Each of our practitioners has something unique to offer, whether it be years of expertise, specific trainings and certifications, or a relatable persona. Because of this, we want to showcase our brilliant team, and give our clients the chance to get to know each practitioner on a deeper level. Also, each member of our team is encouraged to nurture relationships and refer treatments to other practitioners. Spotlighting our team gives clients the chance to get to know practitioners they haven't seen before.

How can a client choose a practitioner who is a good fit?  

Reading about Our Team is a great place to start, though I would say there is not a precise formula to determine the best fit! There's something to be said about the magic of timing. Sometimes your best fit might be the person who's available at the exact moment you need a service! 

We love helping clients select a practitioner. If you're unsure, please give us a call and we'll listen to your needs as we help you choose someone who might be your best bet.

I also like to encourage clients to explore different practitioners. Each person's medicine is different and trying multiple practitioners may simply grow your experience. We very rarely get a complaint regarding trying someone new!