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ELIZABETH DEHN For One Love Organics knocks it out of the park with this luxe oil, or should we call it a body serum? We love it when our clients take us up on the ED full body dry brush/ oil treatments followed by a melting hot stone grounding session. the perfect prep for big events. Really we can't say enough, it's the season's must have at 


Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Oil/ This is not your grandma's Rose Oil, it's harmonizing, hydrating and helps balance the body's natural rhythmic cycle. Add it to NELL's remedies Transcend Body Butter for an extra Hydrating treat.  

Rescue your Feet

Ok, I have a new obsession... Dr. Hauschka Rosemary Foot Balm. The latest  in my summer make-up bag.

Why you ask?  Well, this little gem packs a holistic punch when you are talking about remedies.

Here's what I know of (and have tested):

  • -incredibly refreshing for tired feet
  • -it naturally peels off dead skin and restore rough heels 
  • -a must for mosquito bites
  • -great for athletes foot
  • -blemishes, white heads, deep systic acne - put it on before bed and you'll thank me :

Dr. Hauschka products that will not disappoint!

Dr. Hauschka products that will not disappoint!

Home foot treatment anyone?

So, here's my recommended Dr. Hauschka home foot-care line-up (post soak or shower):

  1. Rosemary Arm and Leg Toner - rub a small amount in to feet & legs to invigorate 
  2. Rosemary Foot Balm and go to town on your exfoliation, this takes a tiny bit of elbow grease, but the outcome is magic!
  3. Restore the moisture with St. John's Wort Foot Balm - it is amazingly smooth and lightweight