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Ayurveda Dinacharya Self-Care Rituals - Fall Equinox

The Fall Equinox is fast approaching, a perfect time to connect and nurture a stronger connection with yourself and get grounded for the new season. Dinacharya, or Ayurveda Self-Care, rituals are presented in a way you can easily integrate into your daily life to serve as bookends for whatever may come your way. A workshop designed to promote a radiant calm approach to our abundantly full lives.

Led by Rachel Lyn Durga at Spot Spa Uptown.  located at 1600 West Lake Street in Minneapolis.

We are all unique and beautiful - Take a look at your dosha and vikruti (imbalances effecting your natural state) in a light and loving way with like-minded souls. Your Dinacharya kit will include a custom body oil blend for Self-Abhyanga (oil massage). Join her for nurturing rituals and traditions from the East help to promote well-being and clear consciousness in our busy lives. Come and experience a few tools and techniques to advance and grow your own daily self-love practice.

*$55 early-bird sign-up till September 16th ($70 after) includes the workshop and a take-home kit // Booking Online Available August or email in advance at