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Ayurvedic Self-Care Rituals: Dinacharya Workshop

Winter is in full swing. A few weeks past the solstice and the holiday buzz behind us, turn inward to nurture a stronger connection with yourself. Dinacharya rituals (Sankrit for: your vehicle for the day) are presented in a way you can easily integrate Ayurveda into your life. A workshop designed to promote a radiant calm approach to our abundantly full lives.

We are all unique and beautiful - Take a look at your dosha and vikruti (imbalances effecting your natural state) in a light and loving way with like-minded souls. Your Dinacharya kit will include a custom body oil blend for Self-Abhyanga (oil massage). Join me for nurturing rituals and traditions from the East help to promote well-being and clear consciousness in our busy lives. Come and experience a few tools and techniques to advance and grow your own daily self-love practice.

Led by Rachel Lyn Durga at Spot Spa Uptown - Located at 1600 West Lake Street in Minneapolis.

$70 after includes the workshop and a beautiful take-home kit (retail value of items in kit = $65)