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Empowering the Empath: Spiritual Boundaries for Sensitive Souls

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Join us for an empowering evening that helps sensitive souls set boundaries to lead you to healthy choices that support your well-being.

About this Event

“Don’t be so sensitive!” If you’ve ever received (or given!) this feedback, you might be an empath. Join Erin Anderson, Energy Alchemist, to learn more about how you can use your sensitive soul for empowerment.

 We’re all wired for empathy. But some of us enter this life with our sensitivity knob turned up to 11. We’re like human sponges, soaking up the emotional energy of our surroundings. We experience everything intensely — not just our own feelings, but those of others as well. If we don’t know which is which, we can spend a lot of time trying to solve someone else’s problems. That’s when the world starts to feel slightly … overwhelming. 

 You don’t have to feel all the feels all the time. 

Life doesn’t have to overwhelm you. It can delight and inspire you instead. Your empathy can be your superpower and your North Star. With a few tools to nurture, refine, and protect that power, you can:

  •  Feel safer and more confident in social situations. 

  • Make healthy choices that support your well-being.

  • Recover more quickly/fully from emotional drama.  


Oh, the things you’ll learn (about yourself)! 

In this 2-hour workshop, we’ll cover 3 simple techniques to focus, cleanse and reclaim your unique, magical energy. You’ll head back out into this crazy-beautiful world knowing how to: 

  • Release someone else’s energy from your aura.

  • Clear the emotional charge of heavy, stuck vibrations. 

  • Use your life force as a shield against invading energies. 

 Let’s get a little metaphysical.

An initiated Celtic shaman, Erin loves to spice up her workshops with elements of Earth magick, sacred geometry and sound healing. If you have any crystals, talismans, or tokens you like to keep close, bring them along. We’ll put them on the altar where they can soak up the yummy vibes of abundance, clarity, and healing!