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How to BE in the New World 2019


The ideal New Year, New World resolution is to honor the YOU that you are right now—because 2018 has been preparing you for this moment!

About this Event

Can we agree that your life is not to hop from one thought to the next?

In the recent past, you may have been experiencing the dying off of old patterns. You may have had to really take a serious look at the alignment of your relationships, commitments and life's work. With that all being in the past, this Spot Spa Learning Bar is going to focus on YOU, right now in the New World!

Welcome to a space where you can start to play and explore in your own magic! In the New World there are New Rules:

  • There is no right or wrong anymore—that's right... you can’t actually make the wrong choice.

  • Everything is centered in love and individuality!

  • Your only job is to discover YOU and BE it—YES, this is what is going to make you money!

  • The ability to TRUST in yourself will continue to expand your world with possibility.

Even if your mind has some idea that you have a ways to go—sign up anyway and bring those thoughts and your already magnificent self along to the event!

We look forward to entering the NEW WORLD with YOU!

Ticket costs are non-refundable; if you are unable to attend, please send someone in your place!

Vanessa Feils, life stylist, will walk you through some self discovery exercises, and assist you in officially closing out the recent past. She will then move the group into guidance around setting the stage for your 2019—filled with all your desires and gifts from beyond. To set it all into motion, she will close out the session with a MindTravel Guided Meditation experience into your NEW WORLD 2019 to activate all your possibilities!