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Dissolve Your Ego


Join us for a meditation event to get past how your ego might be keeping you stuck—so you can face your truth.

The truth of who you are no longer desires living in a false world that your ego personality has created. It is instead craving to know that the angst you have been carrying around is no longer necessary and can be peeled away so you can enchant the planet with your grace. The ego is devaluing the very essence of your truth that is here to make BIG BIG impact.

That's why we need to bring this concept to light—so we can help you become aware and awake enough to recognize what is actually true and what is false. Your inability to ask for what you need is the ego's way of keeping you stuck. To go beyond the ego is not popular, but it's the TRUTH that's lifting the emotional veil on the planet so we can actually start facing what is real.

In this Learning Bar, Vanessa Feils, life stylist, will walk you through ways to identify qualities of your ego, along with tips and tricks to prevent it from running your life. She will then move the group into a MindTravel Guided Meditation experience so you can access your truth!

Tickets are non-refundable, but can be transferred to another individual. If you have a conflict arise, please call us at 612–823–7768 to inquire about transferring your ticket to someone else.