Katherine Zaun

Professional since 2012

  • Certified Dynamic Body Balance Practitioner

  • Craniosacral Therapist

Katherine Zaun calls herself a balance practitioner. When the body is in balance, the body can heal. Using Dynamic Body Balancing and Craniosacral therapy, Katherine aims to discover and release the root cause of any dis-ease within the body, mind, and bio field.  Katherine is trained not only on the anatomy and physiology of the body, but the head, face and mouth as well.  The whole body approach can eliminate chronic as well as acute pain or trauma, with ease and lasting effect. 

Katherine discovered this work after the birth of her second child, who had minor cranial molding issues and noisy breathing, (respiratory diaphragm restrictions).  After receiving care from a Craniosacral therapist, Katherine was encouraged to take Dr. Carol Phillips’ training (which she completed twice for good measure), and then went on to apprentice under Ruth Trode, CST.  Picking up multiple modalities along the way, Katherine is prepared to work on all layers of desired healing, be it physical, emotional, intellectual, chemical, environmental or energetic dis-ease.

When not practicing DDB/CST, Katherine loves being a mother of two, traveling, sleeping, creating art, or going dancing and listening to live music, to help her stay balanced and grounded.

Available days to book with Katherine:

Tuesdays + Fridays in Uptown

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