Releasing 2016 with Gratitude

2016: We're Going With 50/50 Light vs. Dark

2016 is coming quickly to a close and each year, we like to reflect on what's transpired. This year in particular, we've felt the dissonance between Light and Dark, the potential chasm between what lifts up and what tears down. In the midst of all that's happened in 2016, we have a question to pose to ourselves and to the Spot community:

How do we keep our light shining bright and how do we honor the grief, anger and disillusionment that dim our power to heal ourselves and our community?

It's not a simple answer, as that question carries with it so much weight. But we have a proposal, a practice that can perhaps open ourselves up to to lighter energy, and give us perspective:

Honor the dark, be fearless and take a moment to satisfy your demons. (I don't mean give them a seat at the table).

And here's how.

  • Write down 5 fears and tuck them in an envelope marked with the date. 
  • Notice: Are they from the past? Do you have any control over these fears?
  • Ask yourself can any of these fear be dissolved—are they real?

Here are a few that might resonate:

//I am concerned about our finances in 2017 due to the change in politics.

//I fear for our earth.

//I fear for the less fortunate who need homes and support.

//I fear for our fauna.

My suggestion regarding these fears is to listen, breath and release. Try not to solve the world; rather, honor this part of you that is private and might hold you back.

The most important part of this practice comes next, because we have to balance the Dark with the Light—and what balances strife and hardship better than gratitude?

Try this gratitude practice to recenter after allowing your fears a moment of time:

  • Write down 5 things your are grateful for
  • Realize the freedom and ease that these 5 things might bring
  • Ask yourself when where and with whom you could share this gratitude with

Can we take it a step further? Gratitude is best shared, so here's what we're grateful for this year:

//We are grateful for the community in which we share our healing with.

//We are grateful for the recognition and true support we receive from our clients/community.

//We are grateful that we are trusted to help people on their health and well-being path.

//We are grateful (and honored!) to have been in business for a full 15 years!

All of that gratitude comes from the support of our community and we owe you a mighty thank you for the love and light you've brought our way. Thank you, for believing in Spot, for trusting us and for bringing your light with you wherever you go.

As we continue to reflect moving forward, we might consider being more connected to our passions and sharing our truth with people who might not see things our way. Here's to the constant struggle between Light and Dark, and bringing that openness and practice into our individual and collective journeys.

Always remember love is the bridge!


Nell Sue Rueckl | Spot Spa Founder