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Flower Essences for the Seasons: Spring Forth for New Growth

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Join us to tap into the energy of spring, and discover a foundation to working with flower essences.

About this Event:

Highlighting three formulas from the Alexis Smart collection, herbalists Megan Mastel of Natura North and Paige Haber will facilitate a conversation around the teachings of flower energy. Using tools like guided meditation, experience and intuition, we will discover how this gentle, yet powerful medicine can be an ally during this season.

Your ticket gets you:

  • Detailed info on what flower essences are and how they work.
  • Expert recommendations for flower essences specific to your personalized needs.
  • A curated gift bag for cultivating a spring intention.
  • Take-home tips for how to best utilize the power of flower essences.
  • Great Natura North and Spot Spa swag.



Ticket costs are non-refundable.

Photo courtesy of Land by Hand.