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Transitioning to Spring: Supporting the Liver with TCM

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Join us for a spring detox and liver-healing experience with acupuncture, meditation and herbal potions.

About this Event

Spot practitioners Rhea Dykoski (L.Ac., Dipl.O.M) and Lisa Smyth (L.Ac.) will bring us on a liver-healing journey in this Learning Bar class designed to help your body transition into spring using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). We’ll begin by drinking a Sun Potion blend and learning about five herbs that can support liver health. Then, each attendee will receive personalized acupuncture treatments from Lisa and Rhea, while learning how this practice can support detoxification, stress reduction and addiction relief. The event will culminate in a guided meditation for liver health, and take-home tips on how to support your liver at home. We recommend coming in comfy clothing, as we will be laying down on blankets and pillows.

Your ticket gets you:

  • Homemade digestive bitters for liver health.
  • Inner smile meditation instructions.
  • Acupressure ear seeds for your choice of: detoxification, stress or addiction.
  • Recipe for liver health potion.
  • Take home info to help you support your liver at home.
  • Great swag.


Ticket costs are non-refundable.